13 March 2011

Karma 1 Ponting 0

Hope he is choking on his arrogance.

an enraged minnow representative

PS. Good to see Kenya emancipating from Steve Tikolo. About time.


Sidthegnomenator said...

What the hell was that? Were they really just swanning through that like they didn't need to try? A little respect for the opposition please. The great Steve Waugh will be horrified. Shame on you all.

Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

That little scare serves him just right. They need to put quite a few logs on the fire if they want to beat the big fish!

Lou said...

No intensity at all in the field. Steve Waugh would have been horrified, not to mention Oooohaaaaah. All that laughing and joking. It was really tedious to watch.

But then Kenya chucked it in early so both teams were at fault.