12 March 2011

Manou makes way for the Vicbacks

Graham Manou donning the
Redbacks colours (c) SACA
The rumour of Vic keeper Adam Crosthwaite following the now full-time coach Darren Berry over from Vic set my alarm bells ringing, especially as Graham Manou felt urged to state that "The way I'm going at the moment, I'd like to play forever. I'm still feeling like I'm playing really well."

Just two days later Graham Manou said that after a long discussion with SACA high performance director Jamie Cox he decided it was the best for him to retire from First Class cricket. Everybody is entitled to think what they want, I will not speculate any further.

Thanks Choc for your loyal services, your patient batting, your safe hands, your thoughtfulness, your calm leadership and pleasant interviews. The Redbacks are losing a stalwart behind the stumps and whoever gets appointed successor has to fill some large boots.

Alongside Manou also Ben Edmondson has announced his retirement. I'm very sad about that, he had only just come over from WA at the beginning of the season and I really liked what I've seen of him, up to the point of granting him a bandwagon. Bye Edo, you're gonna be missed :(

Cricinfo oracles about further departures, I am sure at the end of this long road of renewal we are gonna find out that for the new T20 season the Adelaide team is named "Little Melbourne". Can't wait.


Edit, Graham Manou suffered from severe heart complaints, caused by a congenital  heart condition, in the Shield match during which he announced his retirement. Get well soon Graham, health always comes first!

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