30 March 2011

My India v Sri Lanka Preview


No seriously.... the 500th Ind-SL ODI in the space of 12 months... who to support? Both were the two top favourites right from the start. Sri Lanka will be supported by most of the uninvolved, who like to call themselves romantics, but they've sent New Zealand home = evil. India on the other hand will have the home crowd on their side, have kicked Oz out, and will feature Harbhajan. Is that worth the support of someone who would usually go for the underdog? But are Sri Lanka actually underdogs per definitionem? And on the completely other hand, India also have Dhoni, and barring their homies nobody else is going to support them.

Hmm. I'll keep pondering this and will make up my mind in time. At the moment, and my hands are falling off as I am typing this, I'm leaning a wee bit more towards India, the only team that still a few days ago I could have sworn to never ever support in my whole life. Well, by Saturday a decision will have to be made. Or not.



Mudassar Ijaz said...

I am going to support Sri Lanka but it is not due to the fact that they beat Pakistan today, they deserve it they played better but I always like Sri Lankan team the way they go about their business. Talent and skills they have for a small nation. And given current situation they are probably touch underdogs.

They have Murli, they have Jayawerdane, they have Mathew so clearly fav to be supported.

Anyway it will be cracker of game again. Too much India v Sri Lanka is not good but again that is WC Final not just an ODI.

tracerbullet007 said...

It depends on how much success the teams you have supported through the tournament have had...
so I would request you to support Sri Lanka :P

sambansal said...

yes, you are right, that this is wc final, and nobody can under estimate India, I know India is gonna win,in spite Sri Lanka being a good side

Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

Maddy you have a point here, but would an underdog be tipped as favourite from the very beginning on? ;)

Tracerbullet... oops hadn't thought of that before. Should rather stay neutral then :P

Sambansal thank you for your visit!

Maaz said...

Interesting choice of team selection. I am rooting for Lankans but deep down I reckon India will have the better of them. Enjoy the game. Hopefully it will be a good one. I feel Sri Lanka have the best team composition, strategy and game plan in place. It would be fitting if they conclude victoriously and consequently re-lives the scenes of 1996.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone pick Sreesanth?

Love the photos, Wes.

I'm not sure who I want to win, it's just good that it's not Aus.