23 March 2011

The Ponting Mushrooms

It must have rained in the blogosphere - within the space of 30 minutes half a dozen "End of Punter" posts popped up in my Google Reader alone (and I am only following a few cricket blogs there).

I've made my standpoint pretty clear in the last 12 months, so let's have a look at what some of the other bloggers think about the eternal drama:

Sid from the Dustbin Blog is utterly annoyed by the endless yes-no-may-maynot-perhaps-maybe-ormaybenot that she only pleads Punter to win tomorrow... and even offers him the ultimate sacrifice (oh the desperation!!!)

Will, the pinkest cricket blogger of all time, and mind behind The Short Midwicket, wrote a very well-rounded sum-up of Punter's failures throughout the last years, as a captain and as a batsman, and concludes that even if Australia win the match against India Ponting's time could still be up after the World Cup.

Sunny "Sehwagology" Mishra embeds his thoughts into a fine preview of the India-Australia quarterfinal at ClearCricket, links Ponting's continuous form dip to his outbursts of rage, and wonders if Australia can afford to go on with him.

The Old Batsman, naturally possessing an affinity to old things, utilises an ancient Roman metaphor and visualises Ponting in the role of Caesar during the Ides Of March... guess who's Brutus. Some very smart thoughts you shouldn't miss out on.

You can find most of these writers and blogs on the social networks:

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Go Oz!!!


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Sidthegnomenator said...

Sorry I missed this yesterday, my inbox was crammed with facebook stuff and I missed the tag. I'm devastaed my offer of sexual favours didn't work, but I do feel rather chuffed that I predicted the Ponting/Clarke situation correctly.

Pity it did us no good.