24 March 2011

Ponting Shifts Gears

... from "OMG drop him already" to "poor man's North" (or,  taking into account the standpoint of the beholder, "tragic hero"). Which equals the former, according to selectorial standards, and could be defined as a ton approx. once a year -when his head is inevitably on the chopping block- , minus North's captaincy brain and wickets. In the mythical past the Ponting Car was equipped with more than two gears and, similar to the Tendul Kar, could switch to the third or even fourth gear for a more consistent accelerated run accumulation. Everybody was waiting for the glorious ancient times to return, Australia's WC chances depended  a lot on Punter's contributions, alas, Ponting Car either needs to seek a garage urgently or... we better not envision it rusting on the scrap yard waiting for the press.

There will be some opportunity to observe Ponting Car's reaction to the defeat, a handful of ODIs against Bangladesh, but I can't imagine anyone is gonna give  a real damn about them. Apart from that Australia won't play any cricket until 2023, enough time for the junk yard chairpersons to meet a decision, or not.

Best Australian player by a long way: Brett Lee (followed by Mitch), and with the bat obviously Brad Haddin, with Watto and Clarke in his wake. The K was ok.

Congratulations India, you didn't collapse like 8 for 12 today. One can certainly say you have been good hosts to Aus, and the pitches you prepared weren't all autobahns. If you win the cup we will still claim you only did it at home. Good luck in the semis.

In anticipation of India and Pakistan mauling each other,


Sidthegnomenator said...

I'm too depressed to comment. Just note that I have read it.


Louise said...

Strange feeling, I must say. At the beginning of the match I was very excited but when the Aussies pootled along at 4 an over for absolutely ages, I sort of knew where it was heading, the excitement died and resignation set in.

Punter's onetun means he'll be set fair for another year at least.

tracerbullet007 said...

Punter really deserved more from his men, but in the end, lack of a quality spinner and consistency from his batsmen robbed him off what would have been a glorious return to form...alas, it is almost never meant to be...