9 March 2011

Slaarter At The Feroz Shah Kotla

Yes India won blablablubb chhhrrrzzz.
BUT! Bow down before the Slaar, the slaying Dutchman, the left-arm sting! He got them all: Sehwag, Tendulkar, Pathan!

The Slaar (c) AFP
I bloody knew it right from the start, the guy has this special aura about him, and if any sane Jamie Cox has watched the match (probably not, South Australia is asleep at this time) he will effing try and grab him somehow and draft him into the most glorious twist 'n' turn attack Oz has ever seen, post-Warne that is. OK OK. But you're getting my point. Just listen to the sound of this ultimate Symphony Of Spin:

Nathan Lyon, Aaron O'Brien, Pieter Seelaar.

Yes we know bugger all about the foreseeable mess which is the coming Australian home season, but one may dream, no? Open the Shield, and/or whatever weird mutation the Ryobi-Cup will have morphed into by then, for an Associate player each. Come on guys. Don't be evil!

Okayyyyy I am stopping the BS now... although the ICC could sponsor scholarships for Associate cricketers to play club cricket in Oz during the offseason... is this the idea of the century? Hey? Or what else is the point of the Development Programme?

But we need to acknowledge that the three elephant wickets slowed down India's chase significantly, and after skipper Peter Borren had also removed Virat Kohli (Mudassar Bukhari accounted for Gautam Gambhir), it took the cautious Indian lower order till the 36.3rd over to chase down the moderate Dutch total, which could have been 50 runs better had it not been for two completely pointless runouts.

No, an upset it was not, but India showed their heart for the minnows once more and allowed them to bow out respectably, just like they handled the match v Ireland earlier.

The Borronator (c) AFP
And before I forget to mention it, my second favourite Dutchie is skipper Peter Borren, he oozes trustworthiness from all pores, and with his Kiwi accent, repeated lower order stabiliser heroics and the Kohli wicket he sealed the deal with Wessington Vehicles, a free Borronator Bandwagon for the rest of his career as a Dutch player.

Hup Hollaarnd Hup!



tracerbullet007 said...

England and India have done their best to push the case of the Associate nations for the next World Cup...
the ball is now in the court of the ICC

Sidthegnomenator said...

So so so disappointing to see the Dutch without a win thus far - they have really impressed. I will be disappointed if the associate nations are dropped, because we won't get to see performances like these.

And now the Bangas beat England ... I nearly wet myself.

I'm only half joking.