8 March 2011


Well of course Ross Taylor would bounce back. Ross The Boss has this aura of undeniability about him, whatever this means, but it applies. Plenty of people were calling for his head, but weirdly I've had more faith in him than in Martin Guptill, who's been by far the more consistent batsman of the two in the past months, and consequently added another 50 to his impressive current string of good performances.

Not sure why LRPL is such a stalwart in my affection for the Kiwis, waiting for him to jump into his "The Real Boom Boom" boots and  play one of his completely headforked brain removers is as frustrating as getting chained to the heating with an empty stomach and being forced to watch baking videos all day.

But your patience is ultimately rewarded so richly, the hysterical laughter and maniacal screeches over each big shot, the failure to comprehend WTH is going on at LRPL's end of the wicket, and the itching anticipation of a very happy, humble post-match Ross equals the satisfaction of sinking your teeth into a monstrously large strawberry jelly cake...

... [elegant transition]...

Happy Birthday Ross!

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Match notes:

Tim Southee is the only bowler who I can will to a wicket. His COWW (chance of a willed wicket) is about 60-65%, today it was 100%. He struck in the first over and later on right with that delivery before which I had been pleading him to take out Misbah. Crazy stuff.

Afridi and Gul should swap batting positions.

Abdul Razzaq was the lone oak in the jungle-green botany, tried to achieve the impossible, alas, with no batters at the other end he was sooner or later doomed to fail. Congrats old man on your 5000 ODI runs and 250 wickets :)

Vettori in hospital = NZ in deep trouble. We can only wait and see.

Yes, make Umar Akmal the keeper in both short formats and replace Kakmal with a batsman*. Yeah I'm gonna miss the ear rape from behind the stumps, but currently there is more reason for concern about the intactness of Kamran's throat.

*I smell a Fawad Kodu lurking behind the corner... ^^

That's it from me,



Sidthegnomenator said...

I believe this means Australia are now the only side in pool A without a loss to their name. Long may it stay that way.

Mudassar Ijaz said...

That truly was Happy Birthday for Rossy and what gifts from Pakistan specially Kamran Akmal.

No Fawad i think but yes Asad Shafiq can make it and I agree make Umar a wicketkeeper he is also getting some form too. But today it even looked like we need another bowler as after Gul and Afridi others were very poor. Yet poor performance is acceptable someday you can have a bad day but not what Kakmal has done, never and not that whole team should have a bad day at once.

In the end this defeat can be a good one as Pakistan fans and team management was in some false illusions about team combination now they will have to think about it.

Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

Haha Sid, never say never :P

Maddy I have read the opinion that Pak have not really had a winnings streak yet, they won against the minnows, and only the victory against SL really counts, so actually Pak aren't any better or worse than usual haha. We will see in the next matches which of the two Pakistans has really travelled to the World Cup :)