6 March 2011

What a huge pile of Biffdirt

Losing my respect for the Saffas not just yet, but I'm close, VERY close. What an unbelievably giant pile of buffalo shit.

Robin bloody Peterson of all people takes three wickets in his first three overs, that monster of a left arm legend, brought on by the Buffalo since the latter learnt from the Redbacks and the Pakistanis that opening with the most unlikely of bowlers will cause shock, fear and terror (an idea immediately picked up by Strauss, who opened with Yardy, since, as I wrote earlier, there are certain parallels between the cow and the ostrich).

And England recovered just a bit, all out for 171 in the 46th over... Imran Tahir making short work after the seamers got middle overs breakthroughs. All good, just the way it should be!

And the stupid cattle have nothing better to do than to implode and miss the target by 7 effing runs!! I am laughing in complete disbelief. Yes the pitch was a beast, but SEVEN runs short, seven! And on top of that they crowned Barbie the inofficial hero of the day. Fork that!



tracerbullet007 said...

'think Smith took the foot off the pedal, when he decided to bring on Faf and Duminy instead of persisting with Petersen when he had the Poms in a tangle..

Maaz said...

I knew it was always coming Wes! You simply cannot stand the Poms!

I have also done a brief summary with some key pointers and observations of the match you are referring to over at my place.