25 April 2011

Blondes Have More Runs

Derbyshire v Middlesex
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Worcestershire v Middlesex (CB 40)
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Pretty in pink. Tehehe.
Well actually, as well as first and foremost, they have more wickets, but that would have ruined the pun.

Gareth Berg, better known as the Marilyn of Middlesex, is currently in the early-season form of his life. Well no clue if this claim holds any water, he used to cause a similar hysteria on other occasions, but so far the Middle haven't played a single match in which he wasn't utmost instrumental.

After beating Essex in a thriller in the CC the nice one of the two London clubs have now also taken Derby to the cleaners, 4-18 for La Berg in the first innings followed by another two wickets in the second innings and a runout over which IOB nearly climaxed himself to death on the radio (all justified, mind!) and when Middle still had to chase 130 for the victory with just four wickets in hand he put on a 97-run partnership with Ollie Rayner aka Super Ollie, which ultimately laid the foundation for Middlesex' victory. Without this partnership Middlesex could have never come close to the target. In fact I was thinking the match had been lost already, call me a faithless tomato but I was completely underestimating the stubborn donkey that naturally dwells in every man's heart.... and the batting capabilities of The Reigner

The odd couple comprising of the Saffa bombshell and the German oak seems to cooperate well in general. In the CB 40 match against Worcestershire they took six of the wickets between them, Ollie got the two big fish at the top and opened the door for Ice to walk through the Worcs line-up reaping a career-best 4-24, the four remaining wickets fell to TRJ and Murtle (denying Berg the fiver yet again. Hnnngs!)


The Middle is up and running, topping the Championship table and starting their CB40 campaign with a win as well. Dex finally got some runs, Newman and Housego seem in somewhat helpful form, Chris Rogers is the corker everybody expected him to be, and generally there's no reason to complain, except my continuous whining about the omission of Ant Ireland. Finny is in great championship fettle, too. Keep it up, guys!

Onward, my Pink Power steeds! The (Hamilton-) brown nemesis is waiting!



Christopher Poshin David said...

Your a Middlesex fan? Don't follow much of English domestic but what little I watch of T20 or Pro40....I've always supported Middlesex!

This year, I haven't even seen one county match and have no clue what's happening there....but it's good to see the guys in pink winning...and funny to see that they have more wickets...and seeing your title I went astray. Despite the warning at the top!


Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

Hey Poshin, didn't know you had any interest in CC! Cool thing!