17 April 2011

A Cracking Start To The Season

What it takes to manhandle Essex | [scorecard]
Highlights: [day 1] [day 2] [day 3]

Batting: Sufficient starts by nearly everyone down to No. 10 (that's Steven Finn. He'd be a vital part in my lower batting order any day ^^).

Fielding: The lethal combination of the Mssrs. Finn, Murtagh, Collymore and Berg. A German mercenary in the slips. And the urgent wish to spend the pre-Easter-weekend with one's families instead of one's fellow players.

We all know it can only go down from here. The wickets will lose their funky freshness, the air will get drier, Middlesex still have no proper spin attack. But they will seek to keep making good use of the early season as long as the conditions aid their superior fast bowlers.

Finn looks his supernatural self already and should he get picked for the national side again the gap can be filled with Anthony Ireland or Toby Roland-Jones. Should he fail to make a soonish comeback to the English team he'll stay a selfpick at Middlesex, but I hope the Zim, who, according to Murtle's diary on the Middlesex HP, is the fittest Middle player in all thinkable disciplines, and who scared the living hell out of the Middle last year when he was running in for Gloucs, is going to make numerous appearances.

Ice Lord Gareth Berg deserves a special mention for his convincing allround performance. If there is any justice in this world he has grabbed the MOTM for this match. It is good to see him fully recovered from his back injury, I was a bit worried he could give up his bowling for good.


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