14 April 2011

Highest Honours

The following blogs and bloggers have earned mentions in this year's edition of the Wisden Almanack:

Congratulations to all these well-deserving mentionees,
and big thanks to Jrod, who let the cat out of the sack last night.

On a very humble side note... yours truly is mentioned, too
And I'm convinced that the major part of my gratitude goes to the Antichrist Jrod as well for that!
Thanks a lot, old chap.
You can acquire Jrod's prose in book-form here.

PS. Don't be evil.
 Raise your voice against the exclusion of the Associates from the World Cup 2015.



Pete said...

Great stuff Wes... keep up the good stuff. You're being watched now :)

Sidthegnomenator said...

I'm gutted that I'm not there - I was lead to believe I would be :-( Congrats to you, Wes.

Mudassar Ijaz said...

Thats great Wes!! Keep it up

Christopher Poshin David said...

Wow! Great going Wes! Congrats! :D

BTW - Now do you see why I asked for girls not be bloggers?? It's more competition for us, guys! :P

Anyways on a brighter note...good to see you get some well deserved recognition!


If it's any consolation, I missed it too...

Christopher Poshin David said...

Great going Wes! WOW! Congrats! :)

BTW - Now do you see why I don't want girly bloggers? It's more competition for us guys!

Anyways good to see you get a well deserved recognition! :D

If it's any consolation, I missed it too...

Shridhar Jaju said...

Congratulations! :)

Where's the party?

Masuud said...

Massive congrats, you utter champs. And Wes, you nut, after reading the starting bit I thought you weren't in it. Glad for you, Shazia x

Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

Many many thanks everyone. I hope those who didn't make it this year will definitely get their entry in the next edition!

Rishabh said...

Well done on the mention! You put a lot of work into this and update it like a beast :)