9 April 2011

The Linley Bandwagon Is Racing

Don't say I hadn't warned you. The Timster is a beast. With fangs and claws and books and stuff. Had a rather fabulous pre-season and I could hardly contain my consumed beverages when he was named in the starting XI for Surrey's first CC match of the season. Hopefully he can keep biting, he is currently my only umbilical cord to the brown arch nemesis and it would admittedly be a fairly sizeable pity if he got dropped again, alas, he's gonna be on the chopping block once Dernbach/Tremlett return to the lot. 

I feel sick, dirty and horribly ashamed for writing the first post of the county season about Surrey. For once you are allowed to abuse me; I'm not deserving any better for this colossal display of mental weakness.

Beware of the hoofed brown tricksters, they'll leave no stone unturned to sneak into your soul and take possession of your heart. And don't halloo till you're out of the wood; successfully deschofielding your mind is just the most minor of victories in an eternally raging battle against yourself. I'm not promoting complete abstinence here, that would be unhealthy, but don't allow yourself more than one soft Surrey spot at the same time.


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