3 April 2011

MS Doughknee

Well I've said a few times that MS Dhoni is one of India's positive aspects, from my largely Australian standpoint. To my utter amazement many Indians, no matter what age or gender, would either collapse in shock, or feel the immediate urge to stick knives and forks into the soft parts of my body whenever I dared to mention this.

But his huge elephant ears, very similar to those of my grandfather, are a sign of smartness (on smart people that is), and this time they have flapped India to the World Cup title. Furthermore he is a quietly spoken guy, who has never appeared arrogant or offputting to me, unlike some of the other captains who have made an appearance during the World Cup.

And look how the public love him! Now I can lean back and feel my view confirmed. The Doughknee deserves all this appreciation, he's been a bloke who, whenever I could be bothered to pay attention,  copped plenty of stick for... dunno. Why actually? I'm happy for him. Enjoy your triumph, Mr. Knee. That's about all I was going to write about him. After all, he's still an Indian :P

Congratulations India, you were fantastic hosts and you deservedly won the trophy.

Thanks for reading this nothingpost. I have absolutely no clue about Indian cricket, to the point of being unable to identify Gautam Gambhir in a photo. But many other Indophile bloggers know what they're talking about:

Billy The Worm

...just to name a few!



Purna said...

Apparently, people line up with stones outside his house before most big matches in case he makes a decision that doesn't go their way! I'm so glad his decisions worked out during the finals!

Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

People are weird!! *lol*
Thank you for your visit Pu!

Rahul said...

*Like. Nice one! And thanks for the mention :)

Shridhar Jaju said...

Thanks Wes! I don't know what else to write since because I don't have anything to put in words. Will try again later! :)

tracerbullet007 said...

Thanx for the mention, Wes!
I really have no clue as to why anyone cannot like Dhoni....look at him! Is that the face of a guy whom anyone would want to hate?
PS: well of course, having won the World Cup makes a lot of difference!

Lou said...

I've heard that he rings home whenever they lose to find out if everythings ok.

He's always seemed lovely on and off the field, very calm and personable and that was a fantastic innings. A real skipper's knock.

They'll love him for now anyway.

Mudassar Ijaz said...

Dhoni is probably the man who has brought Indian team this far, captaining Indian or Pakistani team used to be a nightmarish kind of job always on the edge. India has recovered well from it Pakistan yet refuse to come to terms.

Dhoni did a great job with the team over the years yet he has been criticized more than enough on a slight tactical mistake or even on good move which somehow didn't paid off. Mostly media is involved and than some ex-cricketers come to party. They should gave them some break and appreciate their efforts and hard work.

This year Pakistan team welcome attitude by people, media and cricket pundits was encouraging and mostly positive. Yet few jump on to some crap talk but thankfully enough no body cared about them.