17 May 2011

Cricket Germany Confirms Existence

Don't run up the walls just yet, I've got to get something out of the way first...

On a small, embarrassing, initial side note:
Ehsan Latif had most probably not got dropped for the Kuwait match, but missed out injured. Cricket Germany spoke of numerous injuries in their Norway report, which sheds a different light on the line-up that played against Kuwait. So in all likeliness I totally misread the signs. Of course that is mere speculation, too, but it makes more sense than my original theory. Apologies Ehsan for interpreting your absence as a strategic stroke of genius :(

I'm pretty sure, however, that such mishaps can be ruled out in the future, since

Cricket Germany's Twitter account

is gonna provide us with a steady flow of information, which will hopefully also include injury updates and so on. Yes you are reading correctly, the German Cricket Federation (DCB) has dipped a toe into the lukewarm water of the social network seas and I hope this will help spread the word of world's finest little cricket team a lot faster than my lame attempts at tournament reports aimed at approx 2.5 readers. Another advantage of this important step, so I hope, will be live tweets from the matches, i.e. scores, a word on the pitch, remarkable events during the match etc. And perhaps the odd quote from a player :)  I hope for lively interaction and can only recommend you to hammer the follow button for your daily dose of Associate love. Go the Germs!

A small update on the European Div. 3 T20:
Sweden have bullied their way to Div. 2 unbeaten and according to Barry Chambers their chances of promotion to Div 1 cannot be underestimated. I'll keep an eye on them. Or two. Two very, very close eyes!!!

There was something else I was going to say, but it has slipped my mind for now. It's gonna be a hot summer!


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Francis said...

have you ever attended a game played by Dresden CC?

We are playing in Dresden this Sunday v DSSC of Berlin whose captain is Rana-Javeed Iqbal (I think he will play this match). Game starts at 11.00

Our ground is at the Ostragehege and website is http://www.dresdencc.de/

You are most welcome to pay us a visit.