21 May 2011

Euro Div. 1 T20 - Drama, Baby!

Cricket Germany was so nice to tweet the fixtures (PDF) of this year's ICC European Div. 1 T20 tournament. Let me interpret the pitting for you, strip it of any frills and summarise it in one sentence: ooof.

Group A - Guernsey: Italy, Guernsey, Norway, Gibraltar, Croatia, Runner up Div 2
Group B - Jersey: Denmark, Jersey, Germany, France, Israel, Winner Div 2

Hello again!  (c) Herschel Gutman
Cricket Germany finds it's a tough group and I have to say with Denmark and Jersey we're gonna have some real Goliaths in the group and neither France nor Israel cave in easily, Israel have beaten us in the most recent encounter, too, and according to skipper Gutman they are practising hard. The winner of Div. 2 will have won it for a reason as well.

What speaks in our favour is our excellent attack; I can't help the feeling that T20's nature has begun to benefit the bowlers, not only because the batsmen are expected to hit it big more often than in the other formats, but also because there is hardly any time for them to settle in, and they permanently have get adjusted to new bowlers due to the micro spells that are common nowadays and have been used to great effect even in the 50-over game. But we also have some big hitters in the side, as well as batsmen who can adapt to the requirements and construct a mini innings if need be. I hope that both our pacers and slow bowlers will thrive in the channel conditions, and that the format itself increases our chances of beating the big teams, especially with our smart resource management.

But it's gonna be a tough piece of work. Needless to say that my nerves are about to disintegrate already, especially since T20 stresses me out more than any other format. But I'll just try and approach the tournament in the Pak way: every match we win is the most important match in the history of cricket, Germland Zindabad and Boom Boom Hurrah, and if we lose it's because the format prevents the teams from displaying their actual skill level.

Seems a great plan to me,



Sidthegnomenator said...

Yep, great plan. Much better than the Aussie T20 plan - if we lose, blame Michael Clarke. If we win ... erm, I'll let you know.

Anonymous said...

Nice article, Wes. Good luck with the German team, let they lay out a form of blitzkrieg for the others.

Test cricket leaves me in shreds, especially now that the Aussies aren't up to much at it. T20 I can just about wave away when they lose. If I make myself.

It's Johnson's fault when we lose everything, isn't it? Even when he isn't playing?


Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

Sid, Lou, the Michael Clarke solution is the way to go, because it is indeed his fault when things aren't going as they should. Mitch is too bloody random to pose a statistically demonstrable cause for anything.