4 May 2011

World Cricket League Div. 7 - Germany v Rudi Koertzen et al

Germany's captain Asif Khan was battling at two fronts today: Botswana and Rudi Koertzen :P
Note that Akrum Chand is holding the German pennant, which we bestow upon all our opponents. Makes for a nice scalp, doesn't it. Grrr.

Match Day 3
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Botswana v Germany
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That's it. I'm quitting it. I can't take it anymore. My nerves are shot. I have no sweat anymore, no tears, no voice, no stomach (I think it has rotated itself to death).

BOOM BOOM. That's four. My MOTM Farooq Ahmed
Batting: Botswana opted to field first. Both our openers got removed for a combined 1 run, Fernando got run out for a duck. The middle order steered the ship into safe waters, magnificent knocks from Asif Khan (65), Farooq Ahmed (69) and Rishi Pillai (47 off 49), plus some quick runs from the tail. Total: 229, from 47 ov. (reduced match again). Absolutely defendable with our attack.

Bowling: Rana-Javed Iqbal and Ehsan Latif started with a wicket each in their first overs, Ehsan even began with a wicket maiden (at that point I decided that I had seen it all and could die in peace). First change Rishi Pillai, who hadn't even got the ball thrown at him in the previous match, took a wicket in his first over as well. Things were looking fab at 28/3. Then the bowlers totally lost the plot. Leaking wides galore, getting hammered (especially the spinners) and the bowling figures made my eyes bleed.

Finally Rana The Incredible and Shakeel Hassan came together for a great tandem, built up some pressure and took two wickets between them, and they even managed to push the asking rate to 6 at one point. When they were bowled out, Farooq Ahmed continued their great work, the dangerman Modise, Botswana's top-scorer, had been run out by Rajeev Vohra, and Farooq took another wicket, so the hosts were 7 down with 76 runs to get, and the skipper partnered Farooq with Kashif Haider and Ehsan. While Kashif managed to reduce his previously voluminous economy rate, Ehsan leaked too many runs to keep up the pressure that Farooq applied with some insanely tight bowling. When Vohra returned into the attack and took the 8th wicket -the lower middle order batsman Omar Ali, who had kept the innings together for Botswana in the latter stages- it was too late and the tailenders knocked the remaining runs off rather easily.

One could state that the match followed a similar pattern as that against Nigeria, but this time I had the feeling we had enough runs on the board, and we played some really powerful and competitive cricket, but the bowlers with some really erratic spraying in the middle overs fluffed it at some point. With 44 extras we nearly cracked Kuwait's record of 48; against Japan it didn't matter but today it cost us a must-win match. We'll have to see now how it goes on from here. Kuwait will be the next hard nut to bust, which leaves Norway as another must-win game, we need to avoid relegation at all cost. I imagine there's enormous tension in the German camp right now in view of this situation, I hope the boys will keep their nerves and play another strong match against Kuwait tomorrow. I'm still totally pumped because of the displays of Ranus Magnus Africanus and Boom Boom Ahmed, and it'll take a while until my nerves settle down again. Man!

PS. Go the Germs!!!!!

Kuwait v Nigeria
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WHOAHHHHHHHHHHHH. Is this the same Nigerian team against which we struggled on Monday? Bowled out for 153 and then hammered into the ground by the Kuwaitis within 25 overs! This Kuwait steamroller is unstoppable. Sean Philips was again the stand-out batsman for Nigeria by a mile, hardly any support came from the others. Saad Khalid, "yet another" Kuwaiti fast bowling kid, grabbed five wickets during Nigeria's demolition. Kuwait raced home for the cost of just one wicket, and the undestroyable batting machine Irfan Bhatti, as well as Saud Qamar (I had already started to miss him hehe) ran away with the victory in hand. In my opinion Kuwait have wrapped up their promotion now. What a mighty freaking team.

Japan v Norway

Norway beat Japan, I must admit expectedly, by 53 runs. The Norwegians accumulated a nice total of 244 and bowled the Asians out for 191. Norwegian stalwart Ehetsham-ul-Haq and wicket keeper Ifthikar Suhael scored most of the Norwegian runs, Shahbaz Butt took 4 wickets.


The table: Kuwait are resting regally at the top with three wins out of three, looked up to by Botswana and Nigeria with two wins each. The European teams follow on the ranks 4 and 5, with Germany sitting on top of Norway due to a better net run rate. Japan are carrying the red lantern with no wins yet.

Will add more stuff when it's out, wish us luck for tomorrow,


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Christopher Poshin David said...

Go the germs? That's a unique chant to shout! And didn't Rudi retire from umpiring or something?

Norway and Kuwait have cricket teams! :O I'm learning so many new things and I seriously want to see this incredible Rana in action that you so highly speak of!