12 June 2011

Blogging Outside The Box

OK so I reminded myself that there are also white blokes involved in the cricket and today I'm gonna show you two of them:

Tim Holt - Cricket Through The Eyes Of An Irishman

Tim Holt's blog is one of the latest additions to my blogroll, I was amazed to see the broad range of topics he covers (including stuff like "the top ten most beautiful Indian women" etc). As an Irishman residing in Melbourne he has travelled a lot, in the course of which he gathered a remarkable amount of knowledge about many countries and cultures. Additionally Tim knows his cricket inside out and often gives you an interesting new angle on the subjects he picks for his posts. As an appetiser I would like to recommend you one of his recent articles, "William Shakespeare on Shahid Afridi", and needless to say that his today's post on Mark Cosgrove is a must-read for all friends of the big master.

You can follow Tim on Facebook, he welcomes anyone who would like to join a good discussion.

Michael Wagener - Cricketgeek

Michael is a phenomenon, I can't think of any blogger producing content similar to his. A maths teacher by profession, he specialises in analysing cricket statistics in his very own "Mykuhl" style, off the beaten track, in ways that reveal a lot more about the players and their capabilities than the common statistics, and you can't help the feeling that a lot of teams could benefit from Michael's analysis, if their coaches and selectors read his blog. Furthermore he also offers solutions for present problems in cricket. I can't recommend a specific post right now, because all of them ooze with awesomeness, so please just click the link above and check him out!

Michael also appears on Poshin's latest Verbal Slogs podcast, you can't afford to miss this one, he dissects contemporary batsmen under the aspect of how quickly they actually score by running. Absolutely shattering stuff, which also sheds some light on the reasons for certain teams' current slump and, respectively, success. I am delighted to hear that he will make another appearance on the next podcast.

To engage Michael in statistical and other debates you can follow him on Twitter: @Mykuhl

Poshin can be contacted via Twitter (@poshin_david) and Facebook, and here's his blog.

Happy reading and listening!


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