16 June 2011

A Matter Of Fat

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From a recent conversation with a cricwitty friend:

Him (out of the blue): Mark Cosgrove is a good batsman, but he is too fat.

Me: o.O

Me: Can you say that again?

Him: I said Mark Cosgrove is a good cricketer, but he is fat.

Me: No, no, just the first bit!

Him: Mark Cosgrove is a fat cricketer...

Me: -.-



Christopher Poshin David said...

So was Inzy! But that guy did good....

And Warne, Ranatunga and so many others!

Sidthegnomenator said...

Chris is right - there have been some right fatties about. Darren Gough also comes to mind. I think the current Aussie team are all a bit chubby to be honest, but we were talking about fat cricketers who are good ...

Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

good point Poshin, but were they wider than tall?

Sid..... ripper LOL

Will said...

I would call Mark Cosgrove fat, but I think's he's got enough on his plate...


True story - at Richmond last week for the Middlesex v Glammy game - Cossie turns up late after everyone else, and instead of saying hello or anything his opening line is "What time's lunch?". When finding out it's in half an hour, he goes to the bar and buys three bags of crisps, which he eats for himself. Fact.

For what it's worth, he is a very good player and surprisingly mobile - but just imagine how good he could have been were he not the size he is. How many test hundreds could he have had?

Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

You are pulling my leg... that's worse than I dared imagine!! o.O

Just wow