8 August 2011

Zimbabwe - A Muffin Recipe

Zimbabwe v Bangladesh, Only Test

Majestic. Good, thrilling and entertaining Test cricket. Attitude, style and a very happy end.

If Zimbabwe's return to Test cricket was muffins the recipe would look as follows:

1 captain's knock
2 effective newbie bowlers
2 useful opening batsmen
1 special Hammy ton
8 wickets for Mpofu and Elton
opposition that gets punished for mouthing off
epic reward for a very aggressive declaration

Mix all of the ingredients except for the last two in a large bowl with a green tinge on the bottom. Line a muffin pan with eleven red wrappers, transfer the batters into the pan. Bake at medium heat for five days or until a stump comes out clean. Immediately glaze with the reward and generously sprinkle with the punishment. 

Serve warm and enjoy.

Way to go, Zimbies :)



Rishabh said...

Very evident from this game that there need to be more Test teams!

Wes (Play For Country Not For Self) said...

It will be evident once Zimbabwe beat England!!! :P

Rishabh said...

That would give much joy. Oh so much.