14 September 2011

This only looks like an India post but it is not

India's English summer disaster is slowly and quietly coming to an end, the players are looking forward to finally going home, hiding under their blankets, silently crying into their pillows hoping the pain will subside rather quickly, and therefore abstaining from any participation in the ICC's annual award ceremony.

Naturally the ICC finds they need to drag the Indians and their luckless Euro campaign back into the spotlight and humiliate poor MS some more by declaring him the winner of this year's ICC Spirit Of Cricket award for starring in England's cricket nadir of the summer.

In case my opinion on this incident has gone unnoticed: Bell deserved to stay out for the rest of his life, for his hubris to umpire his own match, and not calling himself an arrogant funkwit afterwards. Dhoni being awarded for the circumstances that bullied him into retracting his decision - a stadium full of angry English drunks (potential vandals and looters as we know!) and the Pom staff embarrassingly doing a Henry IV in the Indian dressing room - is frankly said absolutely ridiculous. He rightfully refused to react to this farce.

I'm not saying this because Dhoni is sacrosanct thus I assume a foetal position and freeze in religious paralysis each time he opens the mouth. Honest.

Tim Southee won the ICC Pigeonhole Of The Year Award for some admittedly impressive bowling figures against Pakistan approx.  25 years back, which I don't even remember. The same applies to the performance of the second most serious contender for the award, Tim Bresnan *mwaha Paks*

Devendra Bishoo, Emerging Player Of The Year, beat PFCNFS-pet Azhar Ali in the respective category, and subsequently walked straight onto the smack list.

Some more farcical rubbish: Afridi not making the ODI team, Malinga being its carrier of drinks, New Zealand not winning the annual New Zealand Award, and Steven Finn not becoming ICC 12th Man Of The Year (thanks Finny for pointing this out!).

Ai haz a finished.


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Nishant said...

The ICC XIs of the year were the biggest jokes. They make Sanga keeper of the Test team when he doesnt keep keep wickets for Lankans in tests. Their own ODI player of the year nominees Gambhir & Amla dont find a place in the ODI XI. GOK how the minds of the elite selectorial panel worked.