17 October 2011

Are India The Most Boring Cricket Team In The World

India either win by a large margin or lose totally lamely, at least that's what most of the matches look like which I have recently followed. Actually I am wondering if this could be backed up by statistics, don't think so, they aren't Bangladesh or Zimbabwe, and I guess there are as many nailbiters amongst their matches as amongst those of other teams, but that's how it looks to me.

I am waiting for a match involving India that makes me cling to the edge of my seat, the last one I enjoyed was the tie against England during the World Cup about 500 years ago, and I want more of this, moooaaaaarrrrrrrrr!!!

Come on the cappuccino boys, I know you can do it. Give me some sugar, some pepper, some spice! Lose some wickets, get only just over the line, take the series to the last match!

I hope the Poms will buck up and win the next one to insert some life back into this tour. Otherwise I will be doomed to follow the rest of the series just for the sake of listening to Pitch Invasion. Don't get me wrong, it is brilliant on its own, but it would be even more fun with the panelists killing themselves and each other with excitement ^^

So come on Poms, pull the socks up and come back hard!!!



Rishabh said...

Well, the WC game against Aus was pretty exciting.

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

I did not even remember they had played against each other ^^ just looked up the scores, yes I guess it was a pretty close one as well.

crownish said...

I will present this message at the next Subbie Match Fixers Convention. They should be able to 'fix' it, the DVD business forecasts should sway them.

Mudassar said...

There used to be Pakistan v India matches but than again it was about 1000 years ago .... in ICC events Pakistan is just to bad against them to expect something out of those matches (except 2007 world T20). Only Sharjah or bilateral series produce the master piece.

Now India v Australia and India v South Africa would be good I guess.

Nishant said...

One sided matches need not be boring. As a neutral I ceertainly enjoyed Australia getting hammered by the Poms in the last Ashes

Latest Cricket News said...

No, India is the most happening team and the strongest team in the world, thats why they won the 2011 world cup title./