21 October 2011

Are You Kakmal In Disguise

Due to not being able to watch yesterday's 3rd ODI between India and England I just read the Cricinfo bulletin and nearly choked one my tongue upon the realisation that Craig Kieswetter had not only fluffed the Jadeja runout, but also two further, very costly chances earlier in the game.

Kies is not considered the next Gilchrist, not even the next Manou. He has his critics. You would expect him to make the odd mistake. But last night he must have had a shocker. Had the subcontinental air, the relative closeness to the Pakistani border, benighted his mind and nullified his skills?

No, I will tell you what it is: the bloke is under immense pressure. With Buttler and Davies and half of England breathing down his neck he cannot afford any hiccups behind the stumps, and let's not talk about his spot as an opening batsman in ODIs, a dance in butter stilettos on glowing embers.

It could not become any more obvious than in this series that nerves turn into failures, failures turn into more nerves, which will turn into more failures. Give the guy a break! Tell him that he's gonna play in the next 10 matches. Let him calm down, settle in and do his job. 

Kies can.



Christopher Poshin David said...

Its just nerves. I really like Kies and think he's one helluva player. Would be a pity if he is dropped next match and Bairstow keeps like what most people on Twitter want.

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Hi Poshin I totally forgot to mention Bairstow himself, probably the biggest threat, in the post. ARGHHHHHHHHH. Could the England-born challengers please kindly sod off!!

Rishabh said...

I don't think Buttler and Bairstow are likely to take his place so soon, unless they can open with Cook. Then again, Bopara can always open while one of those takes his place in the middle order.

I accomplished nothing with this comment.

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Ahhh Rishi *lmao*
Cheers!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I hate watching incompetent keeping - though even by his shoddy standards yesterday was a new low - he doesn't look a natural at it at all.


greyblazer said...

Kies is nothing more than a half stopper. He would be one of my reserves in an all time worst 11 for his keeping though Akmal would be the main keeper. He can bat a bit but is vulnerable against the new ball.

To open the batting a keeper must have either the technique of Flower, Sanga or the strokes of Gilly but till now I haven't seen any keeper with the range of shots that Gilly had.

Suhas said...

Not been all that impressed with Kies from what I have seen, would rather have Prior or Davies in my side.

But their wicketkeeping spot has been a frikkin revolving door ever since Geraint Jones lost form in '06. And Kies is only 23, so in the interest of stability I suppose he should stay for a bit.

(and yes, being born outside England should not preclude me from having an opinion on English cricket)