27 October 2011

Australia's Little Ones

Awwwww. They are so funny and innocent still.

Patrick Cummins and Mitchell Marsh are doing a tour diary during Australia's current visit to the Saffaland (where the moocows are mooing louder than anywhere else and they also have more meat on the hips, healthy and happy moocows they are, with shaggy fur though and bucket hooves, hence a related story is discussed by the two shy little Aussie rugrats).

I hope that during the Test leg of the tour, when Mitch Marsh is not a part of the squad anymore, Usman Khawaja will join Pat for some banter.  Uzzy is hilarious, as anybody who has read his diary on the NSW website will have to confirm. 

Now watch this:

PS. I know that some of you want to Mrs. Robinson Mitch Marsh.  I can see it down at the bottom of you black hearts!! ^^



Sid the Gnome said...

Ok, oddness on the mobile commentage - did you get my other comment or is it possible Google found it too naughty?

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Hi Sid, unfortunately your comment did not reach the blog, even if it had been sorted into the spam folder I would have still got it via email, but nothing there, sorry :(

Anonymous said...

Mitch Marsh compares a bison to an antelope(!) and Pat Cummins keeps touching/hitting Mitch.

Awfully cute pair of babies.