5 October 2011

Champions League T20 - The Redbacks Are Out

Royal Challengers Bangalore v South Australia at Bangalore

Don't know what to say. Anybody who has seen the match will understand what I mean. 

Dan Harris with his gorgeous 100, Ferguson with his well-timed 70, and at the end Dan Christian piled on a total of 214, of which I thought the Redbacks could defend it rather easily. What a foolish thing to believe. Klinger's injury, which earned him a free ride in an ambulance, now seems like a bad omen.

Of course the same batting conditions applied to the opposition as well and the Kohli/Dilshan partnership took the match away from the South Australians. Until Shaun Tait, omitted in the last two matches, came back for an incredible, mindfunking three over spell, and the wickets fell in bunches. Dan Christian, who had been granted the honours to bowl the last over, had to defend six runs with the last ball... and gave them away.

I still can't believe it. Hats off to Bangalore for chasing this total down. I had a feeling at the start that it would be Kohli-Day.

After the previous match against Somerset had been abandoned without a ball bowled, and the teams earned one point each from it, both South Australia and the English side were in the position to reach the semis, if they won today. Somerset lived up to the expectations and kicked the Warriors out of the competition.

Now it is up to NSW to keep carrying the Aussie flag. I hope they and of course Somerset will reach the final.



Rishabh said...

I don't want an all-Indian final either, but I can't not support them! Mumbai ftw! :P

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

no worries, an all-Indian final would not even be possible if the CL only consisted of IPL teams :P

Anonymous said...

God to feel for Dan Christian. That was such a 'hit me' last ball, but then he probably could hardly feel the ball in his hand through nerves.


greyblazer said...

SA tried everything but with so much dew on the ground even 300 could have been chased!

Tait's yorker was perhaps the best yorker of the year and I never thought I would say that about Tait. The acting captain Ferguson was also responsible for bringing SA back in the match as he looked for wickets but then Christian bowled a rubbish delivery.

One can't blame him entirely though as he must have been very nervous yet he would join now India's Chetan Sharma as the man who gifted 6 runs on the last ball.

I'm sure the bowlers are very worried about bowling during night games at Bangalore as with so much dew around it just skids onto the bat and any tom, dick and harry can hit a 6 in such conditions.The only chance a bowler has in such conditions is to bowl a yorker like Tait but a bowler must feel like it is a soap and not a cricket ball.

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Lou, I just read it was his first six in a 20/20.. that would be absolutely tragic...

GB thanks for your input, if you also consider that this was Tait's last match for the Redbacks (since the T20 team continues as Adelaide Strikers and have not signed him)... :(

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Ok the source just confessed that due to increased teary-eyed-ness he confused the columns. So... that six stat is hereby officially declared BS :P