8 October 2011

Help Save BBC Cricket!

Last night I saw this article on Will Atkins' The Short Midwicket blog:

It came to me as a major shock to hear that the BBC wants to cut costs exactly there where it hurts not only us continental and overseas county cricket followers most. Will, a well-known and popular Middlesex pundit and aspiring cricket journalist, details why the the move is wrong, and tells you what you can do to protest the decision, and thus the most likely consequences.

I'd like to add that the live coverage of the county cricket matches, broadcast not only via radio but also internet stream, does not only serve as an umbilical cord between the expats and their home clubs, but it also recruits new county cricket fans and followers in the most unlikely corners of the world, and thus helps spread the word of cricket (and should therefore actually be ICC-funded, but that's another story ;)).

Had I not stumbled upon Kevin Hand's excellent Middlesex live coverage, not got addicted to the highly emotional commentary and hilarious banter between him and his guests and co-hosts there would not have been any Middlesex section on this blog. No Berg-bandwagon, none for Toby Roland-Jones and none for Ollie Rayner.

I wouldn't have a clue about the delectable rivalry between Middlesex and Surrey, Mark Church's excellent and charming coverage of the Surrey matches, and first and foremost I would not have started this mindless, highly enjoyable Tim Linley hype during a time when he was still trying to get picked for the first string side regularly.

I also would not keep my fingers crossed for Somerset and Sussex, and godcanyouimagine I would not know anything about Hampshire. The mere thought makes me writhe in pain. In fact I have met so many  great people through following the county cricket I can't even recall all their names.

Thanks for all that, Kevin.

And due to the insights into the whole county cricket circus I've also grown a soft spot for some of the English players.

No thanks for that, Kevin :P

To cut a long story short, a summer without the BBC cricket coverage has become unthinkable for me.

So please guys, join the moan and support the protest against these cuts, if you want to keep enjoying how Kevin nearly kills himself trying to pronounce archipelago or Satyanarayana Srinivas. And if you love your county cricket!!!



Anonymous said...

This is not news per se, sad as it is to hear about the difficulty to aspiring writers this creates. The signals were there with changes in management and shutting down of 606. Reason given then were same. I guess BBC wants to focus on football while cricket is up with Sky.

Eye Jay said...

Totally agree.

A brilliant service which must be saved!

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

Great campaign Wes, I totally agree. The cricket coverage on the radio keeps me going through the summer when I'm at work, although this isn't a direct threat to the radio coverage at the moment, it does make me wonder just where the cuts will end.

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Wow we are waiting to watch next series. Great cricket is most favourite game.