14 October 2011

Ollie Rayner Has Joined Middlesex And Nobody Tells Me!

Ollie Rayner in his Middlesex attire
I think my eyes just popped out of my head!

Ollie Rayner has joined Middlesex in a permanent deal, the news was hidden at the bottom of the Dalrymple departure article. Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god?!?

To anyone who has been following Middlesex's fate in the County Championship Division 2 over the last two years with at least a quarter of an eye (like me) it is fairly obvious that Sussex mercenary, Teutonic hunk and PFCNFS pet Ollie Rayner has single-righthandedly dragged Middlesex out of what you can basically call the utter gutter, and effected their promotion to Division 1.

This post was actually a draft I never published  -had a tummy feeling that there was still something coming in this regard- , originally about Middlesex exploiting Ollie Rayner's invaluable services in order to get promoted to Division 1 and then leaving him to rot with Sussex in the basement, but there is justice and decorum in this world, and Ollie has been signed for good, yes for good, because they would  be fools, with barn gate sized holes in their heads, to let him go again.

So what can we look forward to next year?

A full freaking season of Gareth Berg and Ollie Rayner, the Snow-White & Rose-Red, the Hänsel & Gretel, the.. well... Stan and Ollie of County Cricket. Berg has been absolutely outstanding this season again, if you don't believe me look up his figures, I have shamefully failed to acknowledge his performance appropriately thus far;  and we shall not forget how the these two Marilyns kickstarted Middlesex's 2011 season to put the club's promotion aspirations on a solid basis.

Anything else?

Ohhhh yes. Another year in the centre of Middlesex's frontline significantly increases his chances to spearhead the German ascension to Test Cricket. And when the glorious day has come we shall commemorate his 2011 season in our Hakas Schuhplattlers. A furore germanorum libera eos domine! Harg harg.

On a more serious side note, gratz the Middle! Too bad Hampshire have gone down... will  my two favourite county sides ever play a four-dayer against each other? Perhaps in two years already, when Middlesex have inevitably returned to Div. 2 due to their lack of Owais, and should Hampshire fail to get re-promoted (likely, given Howell's, Tahir's and Hamza's absence, as well as Corker's full and Macca's gradual retreat from the county of brain.)

Anyway. Lobet den Herrn!!! ^^


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