1 November 2011

About Couch Talk - The Cricket Couch Podcast

This post is long overdue, let me introduce to you one of my all-time favourite cricket podcasts:

Couch Talk - The Cricket Couch Podcast is hosted by Subash Jayaraman, an Indian cricwit residing in the United States. As far as I know he also publishes at Spin and is the co-founder of the cricket website Clear Cricket. Anyway.

Why is the Couch Talk one of the best cricket podcasts around? Because Subash gets them all. Jarrod Kimber, Nitin Sundar, Osman Samiuddin, Dileep Premachandran or Firdose Moonda; the chat with the latter has been one of my favourite episodes to date. A lot more nuggets than those I am remembering right now have inhabited Subash's Couch, not just renowned cricket journalists and officials, but also fans, bloggers and pundits such as Nishant Joshi, the mastermind behind Alternative Cricket, mspr1nt from the Wicket Maiden, the great Anupam Mukerji from the Pitch Invasion radio (this episode prompted me to tune in to the station and what shall a say except for confessing that I'm a true PI zombie now) or former Zimbabwe bowler Henry Olonga; this was a cracker of a pod as well and a must listen for all who are genuinely interested in cricket.

But it's not just the quality of the guests which makes this show so enjoyable. Subash is usually well-informed, has researched his topics well, audibly loves what he is doing and first and foremost he allows his guests get into a flow, he gives them the opportunity to open up and tell their stories, just like the psychoanalyst would do with his patients; while he himself just gently guides this stream of words by asking the occasional question. The result is a fantastic and pleasant, informative and inviting listening experience, which is, by the way, introduced and concluded by the greatest cricket podcast theme music in the history of the sport. It gleams and glitters like the sole star in an otherwise pitch black sky, because let's be honest, most podcast jingles have obviously been made to annoy the living hell out of the listeners. But this one does not only please the ear, but puts dancing little hearts in my eyes whenever it is playing. Kudos to Aravind Murali for creating this wonderful piece of music.

Sana Kazmi (@sanakazmi) and Masuud Qazi (@MasuudQazi)
So, if this show is dripping with nectar and honey - and liquid chocolate -, why am I writing this post only now? Ashes and dirt all over me, but it needed the appearance of Magic Masuud, aka Masuud Qazi from the Bloody Cricket Blog, to pen down these lines of delight. Masuud has been attending the London spotfixing trial and is talking about his experiences there, in tandem with Sana Kazmi, world's most well-known Afridi fangirl :P, and both give their thoughts on the latest Pakistan-related topics, a very insightful talk this is, and it provides the listener with a good dose of new brain food. You guys should check this out!!

You can follow The Cricket Couch on Twitter @thecricketcouch and via Facebook The Cricket Couch, and of course also subscribe to it on itunes: The Cricket Couch on itunes.

Hope you're gonna enjoy the pod as much as I do,



Subash said...


Thank you so much. It's really high praise from you and I am feeling a bit shy from it all.

I am glad you are enjoying the couchtalk conversations. I'm happy to see I am accomplishing at least a little bit of what I set out to do in the form of these podcasts.

Thanks for listening and spreading the word. I really appreciate it.


Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Cheers Subash, hope you can keep up the good work for a long time to come!

Masuud said...

I told you before my nose structure pretty much deformed and still is finding it's way back to normalcy. Glad this comment doesn't come with a visual, otherwise it would have been tough for me. A bunch of Shahidesque warm hugs for this gem of a dedication/praise/review and yes, a quickie for Subash too x