24 November 2011

Mumbai Indians And NSW Blues To Play Biennal T20 - What Shit Is This?

Shaun Tait's field to Sachin Tendulkar.
Mumbai Indians v Redbacks, CL T20 2010
I will tell you: awesome shit!!! As you may know, I absolutely love the concept of the Champions League T20, there might be the odd thing to fix, but for a meta cricket fan with an interest in domestic cricket it's like the climax of the domestic T20 season.

Now, NSW Blues is one great, star-studded team and Mumbai Indians likewise, but due to the estimated 80% mercenaries on temporary contracts they always bring some fresh faces into the mix. I think the idea of a private little feud between an Indian and an Australian domestic team is just magnificent. 

Imagine Bayern München playing against Juventus or ManU every two years -realistically it would probably just be Lyon-, let's call it the Lederhosen trophy!! As a German I would absolutely love that.

Now as I like the NSW Blues and the CL T20 I absolutely welcome this move, since the collaboration extends to many other fields as well. It's great for the fans, as well as the clubs and their treasuries. In fact they should play this every year and try to brand it as some kind of Mini Ashes. And the greatest benefit of which I hope that it will come from this is... Indian overseas players at the Big Bash League ^^ Alright that's a long way to go, but a challenge is there to be accepted! They have signed Poms, they might as well take that last step and look around in India. Imagine an Indian spinner (coughcough) bowling the Redbacks to the title. The mere idea makes me faint like a stupid little fan goat.

The chairman of NSW explains that the match is going to take place "(...) in the month of September in Australia, because in Sydney, at the time, there is a week-long festival called Parramasala. It's held in a region of Sydney called Parramatta where a majority of Indians and South Asians live. It's a week of Indian culture, drama, art; we get artists from India. We thought by playing a short game of Twenty20, it'll fit in nicely to add colour to that."

I am not sure what he means by "short T20", five overs a side? And the event is already being promoted like some happy pancake party with puppies and overjoyed, uninterested young mothers and their blissfully giggling babies floating through the air, not the emergence of the little rivalry one would wish for. However, I'll hope for the best, nothing is eaten as hot as it's cooked.

But they should play one match in Sydney and a re-match in Mumbai of course. A genuine little mini series. The trophy is already in the making, Mark Taylor has been picked as a name giver, the respective Indian counterpart is still to be decided upon.

I think the idea bears great potential and I want the Redbacks to pick it up, too. Unfortunately old rivals Mumbai are now taken already, but Bangalore would be great as well. Keep the flame burning!!! :D

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Edit: It just occurred to me that Mumbai's visit will provide the classic NSW Blues team with a some T20 again, remember, the state T20 teams have ceased to exist with the foundation of the city-based Big Bash League, which is supposed to emulate the IPL a little. How ironic :)

Edit of the edit: it's of course not the Mumbai Indians, but the Mumbai team (which renders the whole articles rather pointless). Thanks to Anonymous in the comments for pointing the misunderstanding out to me!



Rishabh said...

I'd call it the Sachin-Lee Trophy. #justsaying

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

At the moment it is Kato remembrance time :) "The Kachin-Trophy" sounds good to me :P

Sid the Gnome said...

I'm all for that - it's the Kachin trophy. And I like the idea - I really like watching the Blues play T20 and, of course, there's Big Lord Nate to be watching ...

Anonymous said...

i think the MOU is between MCA and NSW not between Mumbai Indians and NSW.
Mumbai team is the team, which plays in Ranji trophy and other domestic tournament.
Check this article

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Thanks for the heads up Anonymous, you are of course right!