11 November 2011

On The Smack List With You, Graeme Smith!

I have tolerated his fat.

I have tolerated the fact that he says "Ahhhh, look" in every second sentence.

I have tolerated that he got married (not to me, mind!)

I have supported him through his darkest hours, when even the fiercest of the Saffa fans were crying for his cubic head.

And how does he repay my loyalty?

With a matchwinning, batcarrying, 101notoutbeing captain's knock against Australia!

I've had enough. On the smack list with you, Graeme Smith!!!!!



Christopher Poshin David said...

You've also have a smack list? :O I thought Kirby was the only one.

Anyways back to Smith, isn't he just stunning? What a chance-less knock he played today! Of course its great to say that when your supporting the other team. :)

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Why do you support the other team? On the smack list with you, Poshin!

Shruthi said...

There were alot of critics for Graeme Smith considering his poor run of form before this match. Many of the SA fans had wanted him to retire from limited overs cricket. But he more than made it up with that captain's knock of 101 at his home ground Capetown.

Mudassar said...

haha Poshin now be very careful :D

Navin Anand said...

I can understand your pain, but Smith was amazing today.

thoughtsfromthedustbin.com said...

Poshin, I share the smack list with people who agree with me on its content - like Wes and Graeme Smith.

And now you, Poshin. You, too, will be entered upon the list o' smacks.

P.S. Navin is right - Smith was pretty good.

Christopher Poshin David said...

haha...Guess I better be careful now. ;)