21 November 2011

Pat Cummins Is The New Santa Claus

Who needs Christmas after this match, I am speechless, and sweatless, and nerveless, and have lost another fair few other things as well during that chase, two kilos of weight perhaps, my mind and my pants. Almost^^

Yeah sure it would have been great if Mitch had been able to hit the winning runs, but then when Haddin went out and I was cursing my rear off, what an epic tale was brought to the ultimate climax in Pat Cummins the kid striking the winning boundary. Do you know the feeling when something is so right you might start to cry. That's how I feel at the moment.

Tests in South Africa are generally always worth following no matter who's touring. Don't know what it is that makes them so interesting, the thing they all have in common is that they are hosted by the Proteas in their home grounds, both of which are among my favourites because they will always provide a great contest between bat and ball. SA have not been able to win a home series against Australia since the Battle at the Teutoburg Forest, and only a liar would deny that this circumstance added some more spice to the contest, and will contribute to the tingle in the next one.

Everybody is lauding this two-Test series as unforgettable, the proof for the vitality of Test cricket, but if you look at it from all sides equally you will realise that this unforgettability is based on some really forgettable outings; like Australia only just scrapping past their lowest ever Test total (thank you Nathan Lyon :)), fumbling behind the stumps, partially wayward bowling, average fielding and small crowds.

As a counterweight shooting stars like Pat Cummins, Vernon Philander and Usman Khawaja have provided the star dust, the excitement and, more or less literally, the wide, happy smiles, thus consequently setting the social networks on fire. So either of these aspects, the mix of the abysmal and the heavenly elements of this match, the light and the darkness, both evenly embodied in the person of Mitchell Johnson, turned this summit of the elephants (buffaloes respectively) into such a spectacle.

I agree with many people who say that his innings might have bought Ricky Ponting some more time. I'm not so sure if this also applies to Brad Haddin's emergency-fifty in the last innings. My head is too full to ponder what might happen next in terms of the Aussie line-up. And what do we make of Phil Hughes??? Let me unearth out a few reminders from you:

I am honestly wondering if he is ever going to start this journey predicted for him...

Anyway. Great series. Wish there had been a decider. The crowds seem do be increasingly uninterested, but the internet boils over during Tests. Are we seeing a shift in preferences here? People simply don't want to sit in the stadium all day any more, when they can as well watch the match on their TVs at home, scratch their butts, get a beer from the fridge without having to enqueue (for the loo neither), or work/do whatever simultaneously, probably particularly the latter. At the T20 the grounds are reasonably full, and in 50 over cricket the disastrous scheduling might effect the crowdkill. Well, that was just a random thought.

My brain still feels like just removed from the pressure cooker, as you can tell from this load of rubbish, so I'll call it quits for now.

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Anonymous said...

I was half wanting Mitch to get the winning runs and half wanting Pat to so it was win/win.

The Aussies never win that sort of close match these days so I'm a bit all over the place with shock.

At least I'll have a really good memory of Mitch's last Baggy Green outing.


Shruthi said...

Wish the series had been more than just 2 tests. It was an awesome one. Congratulations to Australia for that amazing victory.

Sid the Gnome said...

The general consensus on twitter yesterday was that Ponting would take this as a farewell match. I'm not so sure - he has mentioned playing in the next Ashes - but I hope they're right.

Haddin - you need to go. I have fond memories of Hads; let's not forget that he came into the side to replace the greatest wicket keeper batsman ever and there was a lot of pressure on him. He came good in many ways, although the temper left a lot to be desired ... nonetheless, when the time comes to take your bow, bow you must.

How about Mitch? I'm not ready for him to go just yet, but I seem to be the only one.

Anonymous said...

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