23 November 2011

Very Green And Very Baggy: The All-Australian Cricket Podcast!

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A few days ago I said to Ian from The Baggy Green Blog, hey Ian why don't you do a podcast, and lo and behold, the baby has come into this world today! Ian is a Cricket Australia fan machine, the guy lives, breathes and shits Australian cricket, and now he also talks it!!!

He sounds like he has done nothing in his life but recording podcasts, he reminds me a bit of Iain O'Brien in the way he speaks, don't ask me why, he offers the same level of enthusiasm and genuine dedication to discussing cricket. Would love if Ian did live comms during a match, would sure be fun and first and foremost very informative and interesting. The pod has rocketted to a top rank on my personal list of fav pods right away. Let this be a recommendation to you :)

Style: monologue, straight-forward, no frills, no crap, no intro, and most importantly no irritating, infuriating jingles!!! Just the way a pod has to be. Thank you and live long and prosper, Baggy Green Pod!

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Ian said...

Thanks Steffi! Haha, "the guy lives, breathes and shits Australian cricket, and now he also talks it!" Pissed myself reading that.

Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

Great to hear you like it Ian, and even greater to see you dip a toe into the green pond :) Cheers and all the best for all your plans!