1 December 2011

Cricket On The 1st Of December

Germany WK-batsman Kashif Mahmood supports Bayern München. Poor bloke must have been hit on the helmet pretty often.

India aren't playing. I am endlessly sad and aggrieved. The Harbhajan Singh bashwagon has inevitably come to a halt. And with Surrey signing Murali Kartik an ambassador from the land of the roaming moos is once again going to be a pain in the butt of a team I support (Middlesex in this case).

South Africa are hibernating for another couple of weeks. Sleep won't come though. As soon as they close their eyes a bright boyish smile appears in front of them, slowly running apart until it exposes huge ugly fangs like rusty knives, ready to tear into the flesh and souls of the South African players.

Pakistan. Has any of you guys heard anything about Shahid Afridi Pakistan? I haven't. For proper information please contact the cricket teams of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, should they still manage to pick up a phone.

England have ceased to exist. Hurrah!!!

Australia and New Zealand: no known activities. But admittedly I have not been able to keep track of them anyway, since I'm heaps busy maniacally sacrificing lens cleaning cloths at Daniel Vettori's altar.

Zimbabwe: No news either. And now excuse me, I have to go and roll myself in Brendan Taylor's lucky socks.


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