4 May 2012

Austria v Germany in Vienna 5-6 May 2012

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Today the German squad have departed for a two match 50 over mini series against Austria. The matches will be played Vienna. They are friendlies, but in times of drought regarding international contests both of the teams will be eager to prove their strength and get some desperately needed match practice under the belt. For Austria it means to find form ahead of the World Cricket League Div. 8 qualifier later in 2012, while Germany play their next big tournament in 2013 (World Cricket League Div. 7).

The German squad looks as follows:

  • Asif Khan, Düsseldorf (captain)
  • Rishi Pillai, Köln
  • Satya Srinivas, Köln (wicketkeeper)
  • André Leslie, Bonn
  • Kashif Mahmood, Berlin
  • Rana Javed Iqbal, Berlin
  • Dilshan Rajudeen, Bonn
  • Rajeev Vohra, Hamburg
  • Yasir Ahmed, Wiesbaden
  • Janardhan Siddaiaha, Karlsruhe
  • Imran Chaudhry, Berlin
  • Ashwin Prakash, Berlin
  • Syed Farid Shah, Hamburg

A few of my favourites are missing and I hope to see them back in German colours soon (no matter how bright), but I wish the newbies a good start and would hereby like to express my confidence in the German ability to put bat on Mozart Ball and fend off  the Sachertorte chuckers successfully. Tschuldigung... musste sein ^^

Just in:

The German cricket team running into football legend Michael Ballack at the airport! Cricket Germany tweets: "German team heads to Vienna and meets Michael Ballack, was very excited to hear about German cricket (not) #gothegerms" [Source] BTW. Can't believe Mr. Cricket Germany has officially picked up the slogan *sniggers*. 

From left to right: André Leslie, Michael Ballack, Asif Khan, Dilshan Rajudeen  (c) DCB

This is great, too:

A history of the cricket rivalry between Germany and Austria: Brian Fell, the President of the German Cricket Federation (DCB), has penned down the history of the German-Austrian encounters on the cricket field and gives a brief summary of the European contests as well. Personally I love Brian's writing style and hope the DCB will restore his epic match reports, which unfortunately have gone to the eternal hunting grounds due to the complete overhaul of the DCB website (apologies for any broken links to posts on the old website).

YES Cricket Germany have redone the website, please go and have a look: Cricket Germany new website. You can now more easily subscribe to the RSS feed, subscribe via Email, and even leave comments (via your Wordpress account). Share buttons have been enabled, too. So, while I am a fervent objector of this animated tag clouds nonsense the rest of the website is coming along well.

If you are not following the DCB on Facebook yet please don't hesitate to send them a friend request. The Twitter handle should be known to most of you already: @Cricket_Germany

Hmmmm Mozart Baaaaaalls

Go the Germs!!!


Flags by Alpak

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